Pre-India solo trip.

A curiosity, a plane ticket, and there I was heading to the birth place of Yoga. Never in my wildest dream that I’ll end up going to India, yet there I was, alone, making my way not to just India, but northern India, a placed called Rishikesh, an hour flight from New Delhi.

The plan was to go with one of the organizers but she couldn’t make it and only told me that on the day scheduled to fly. I was so taken aback that I didn’t know what to do. Being a very timid person, I have never solo travelled. A hundred and one thought popped up in my head of how am I going to survive this. Do I go? Do I cancel my trip?

So there I was on the morning before my flight to New Delhi, accommodation not booked, interconnecting flight to Rishikesh not in order (because I was just banking on that lady who should’ve accompanied me), holding it together saying I have to do this.

A certain kind of sickwave hit me when  I was at the airport and waiting for my flight. Having no plans upon landing in New Delhi, I made some reservation for a place to stay once I land, a sort of comfort knowing at least where to go first thing I land.

So before I continue further, I have to say that I am glad I didn’t cancel the trip, met a lot of beautiful people, understood myself a little bit better, and guess what,  I was the ONLY Malaysian at the International Yoga Festival, which means I was the ambassador for Malaysia, which was pretty cool. More of my experience in India and Yoga Festival soon as it’s daybreak, got to get up and running. Have a great day humans.




The Resort Cafe, Sunway

Running out of ideas on where to eat? Why don’t head to Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa for a wide selection of food at The Resort Cafe’s buffet at only RM 58 nett (Normal price is RM118) check out their website for details on promotion.

URL:The Resort Cafe

MHWH Night Run

After my first 12km run, I felt like i have to push myself further. With support and encouragement from my running buddies, we signed up for the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run. The 12km track is much more challenging as there were long stretches of uphills and definitely my kryptonite. Our tactic was to brisk walk and not to run when we are going uphill but since the uphills were at a longer stretch we had to run up some of them..

The track is a bit challenging as some parts are really dark and the spotlights that they had on didnt really help when we were running facing it as it was a bit of a glare.

It was also a bit cramped as at some parts, runners both for 12km and 21km had to run together running both one way and the opposing direction. It was mentally challenging as we see other runners running the other side and have no idea how far is the u-turn.

There were also no indication of how far we needed to run and that is a bit demotivating.

Other than that, it is quite well organized. Water stations are provided every 3.5km of the run, medal and goodie bag collection was neatly organized, and a few food truck was heaven at the end of the run.

This time around i wore a not-so-comfortble pants (yoga pants not really ideal for running) hence have vowed to get compression pants for future running events.

Ahh..before i forget, night run is a bit trickier than morning run and not suitable for some people. Not really my cup of tea. Really had to control my breathing as oxygen levels were lower. And for morning run, when you finish the run you feel pumped up, but for nightrun you just want to sleep after because al your energy has been drained. Kesimpulan, more morning runs for me.

Til next runs then xoxo

Brradu Ola Oli

Don’t know what to get for Raya? Why not try the all new Lycra Wrap Kebaya set by Brradu!

Made from lycra and cotton lycra, this Kebaya is suitable for us living in this hot and humid country. Call me old fashioned but I love laces! These designs are adorn with laces and it’s absolutely classy and stunning.

There is also an element of flexibility with these Kebaya tops. You have an option of wearing them with their matching 3/4 bottom, or you can mix match it with leggings, or just wear it as it is so it becomes a wrap dress.

Another plus point for this Kebaya is that it is breastfeeding friendly.. apa lagi moms/expecting moms, this Kebaya is definitely for you..breastfeed in style ladies.

Priced at RM 359.00 for mummy and RM160.00 for baby, this is definitely one you could consider for raya.

Follow them at Facebook – Brradu or Instagram – Brradu

Here are snippets from Brradu’s recent photo + video shoot.

Imaan & Baby Imaan
Ellie & Baby Ellie
Jan & Baby Jan
Dina & Baby Dina
Syikin & Baby Syikin
Myra & Baby Myra

Score Run 2017

I am not a runner. I can barely run 3km, finishing with a smile on my face. Early this year I signed up for Score Run 12km(thanks Azlan for the suggestion)..Fast forward to a few months later, inching closer to run date, i felt like i couldn’t do it. We changed from wanting to run 12km to just running 6km so many times.. 

Day before race day;

Went to pick up race kit from Gowrie and she convinced me to do 12km, instead of what was on my mind which was just to do 6km. She said, Sharm believed that we could do 12km instead. I had nightmares that night about having to run a never ending run while having mini arguments with myself about how i ended up here in the first place…Woke up at 4.45, and there i was headed for Berjaya Times Square. 

We started out with a steady pace, being very strict with this as we didn’t want to burn-out so fast.. the first 3km was a breeze..Then there were some uphills (where we just brisk walk) and downhills(where we ran, taking advantage of downhill) and it was a balance between brisk walking and slow jog for the next 6km. 

It is good to have a race buddy so that you could challenge each other, like “let’s run to that traffic light and then we walk.” And then you set the distance longer and longer. The last 3km however was really tough. That’s where my feet showed signs that they were tired..Slight cramps but still manageable.. and i kept on thinking 3km shouldn’t be that far why aren’t we there yet.. 

Bulldozed through the last kilometer, we manage to finish it within qualifying time and the feeling of crossing the finishing line is just satisfying.. i understand runner’s high now! And i am actually looking forward to more runs ❤❤❤

The run was well organised, water stations provided every few kilometers, roads were closed and safety officials were placed at relevant intervals. Only thing that could be improved on is maybe providing those portable toilet stations along the way. 

Til next runs then xoxo

Comic Fiesta 2016

Never would I imagine myself going to a comic convention. On top of that, never would I imagine going dressing up as Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones.. thanks to my sister, Iza who does not miss this convention for the past 5 years. She would normally have her booth there selling her comics as well as handmade trinkets. Tha k you for dragging me along!

So of course the mother of dragons has to have her dragon along, but she decided to be a fairy instead. As long as you spit out fire baby. 

Murfest – FlyYoga

Tasha and I had the opportunity to spend some time at Murfest, last Saturday an we really did enjoy ourselves. Since i am kick starting this Yoga Journey of mine, this visit to murfest truly inspired me. We only got tickets for Saturday (one day pass) but will definitely get the full day pass in the future. There are tons of shops and stall which we just spent the whole evening with. There are also numerous workshop and activities which includes Yoga, dance, Zumba, Pilates, and talks from industry experts, just to name a few. The highlight of our day was FlyYoga, Aerial yoga! I have always wanted to try this and we are lucky enough to secure the last two spots for Saturday. It looks easy but don’t be fooled. There are various techniques and steps to get into the position that you desire. Here are some photos, some highlights of the day. 


Mother of Dragons