Hippopo Babyspa Malaysia

Don’t just think that spa’s are for adults only. Babies enjoy them too! This is Hippopo Babyspa. 6th June 2014 marks the opening of their third branch, Setia Walk Mall (First in Damansara, second in Great Eastern Mall). Lucky enough to live near Puchong to bring our little Aelinor to her first ever spa. Situated at Ground floor of Setia Walk Mall, this is not a place to miss if you have kids under the age of three.


Their package includes a 30 minutes swim session and a 30 minutes massage session for your precious lil ones. You can choose just a swim only package or both. Aelinor only enjoyed swimming because after that she is too tired for massage. She just wants warm milk and sleep after her swim.

They have separate pools for different age group. This is their clearfront pool for newborn to 5 months old babies.


Six months babies onwards get this really nice big jacuzzi, shared with other babies. Make sure that your lil one does not have fever, flu and have not had any jabs three days before the swim. Here are some photos of Aelinor enjoying her swim in the jacuzzi.




You could also pay extra for a private room, a pool just for your baby, not shared with others for some privacy. Although i would think that they would love it better in the big jacuzzi.


Hippopobabyspa also caters for kids with skin condition/eczema.  Dont let them miss out on the fun. A seperate bathtub is allocated for your babies so they could swim too.


Be sure to check them out.
Website: http://www.hippopo.my

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hippopobabyspa

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